My recollections on Sinéad O’Connor, R.I.P.

There will be a lot of digital ink expended about Sinéad O’Connor’s death and her music, so I won’t cover that ground.

I went to see M. O’Connor at Lake Compounce in Connecticut 21 August 1990. I think I took a girl I wanted to date (we did not). I don’t remember the opener if there was one, but I do remember that M. O’Connor started her set an hour late, did six to eight songs, and then just … stopped. She left the stage. I seem to recall the band stayed for a bit. Eventually someone came on and said the show was over and the park’s lights came on.

The Hartford Courant said the show was tastefully brief or somesuch.

I remained salty about the show for years, calling it the worst concert I’d ever attended. It probably was better than I chose to remember and I’ve experienced many truly bad shows since.

One of the truisms about cover songs is that they should not make one seek out the better original. M. O’Connor’s cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” stands on its own.

The Courant was correct, though. That concert 33 years ago was brief. I would have liked more time to hear her sing. R.I.P.

UPDATE: From John Scalzi,

She was troubled and erratic and brilliant and one of the indelible voices of my generation, and she was fucking right about the Catholic Church, for all the good it did her in this life. Genius doesn’t make for an easy life, but genius she was, and I’m glad that for a time she got to express her particular strain of genius in this world. May she rest well.

She was right about the Catholic Church. That was another touchpoint I had with M. O’Connor, watching that SNL episode, and then asking questions.

Fast Car

If your introduction to the song Fast Car is via Luke Combs, welcome!

Seek out the 0riginal by Tracy Chapman.

I heard M. Combs version several times on a recent road trip. It is fine and pleasant and staid. It lacks the essence and latent energy of the original. It would have been interesting if M. Combs could have done something new with it.

As it is, it is a song written and performed by a Black woman precisely covered by a White man, apparently on purpose.

Aside from that, I remember my Mom being enamored of the song and M. Chapman when Fast Car was released. I didn’t care for it, I said. But I did. Then when Give Me One Reason came out, how could I not give voice to my enjoyment?

Papa Jojo Radio Show for Thursday 16 February 2023

Dear Friends,

Welcome back to the show! It was rough for all of us being off last week, but it was worth it (for me 😼). My sweetie and I were in New Orleans last week. We caught some Mardi Gras parades (Cork and Barkus), ate a lot of good food, and heard some sweet music.

Which you’ll have to tune in for next week, where I’ll probably do some NOLA music for the most Mardi of Gras. In the mean time, check out some of the new music I’ve got for y’all this week.

I’ll also talk a bit about Riverbend and the acts announced on Friday and maybe some other stuff. As always, the post will be updated throughout the show with the tracks played.

Share and Enjoy!

UPDATE: Sadly I have to leave early. Keep listening as I programmed some nice tunes for y’all.

The Six O’Clock Hour

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Wolf
  • Beck – Thinking About You
  • Angel Olsen – All The Good Times
  • Sharon Van Etten – Mistakes
  • Shovels & Rope – St. Anne’s Parade
  • Alabama – Song of the South
  • Elle King – America’s Sweetheart
  • Derek and the Dominos – I Looked Away
  • Silvers Pickups – Empty Nest
  • Soccer Mommy – Feel It All The Time
  • Sundays, The – Here’s Where The Story Ends
  • Alvvays – Pharmacist

Papa Jojo Radio Show for Thursday 02 February 2023

Dear Friends,

I hope this Thursday finds y’all well and ready for some tunes. Tonight I have a collection of the tastiest tunes for you to shove into your ear holes. No theme, just songs. We have some live treats from late night TV, from a Tiny Desk, and other live venues.

Got a request? Find me on Mastodon at to toot your tune or Tumblr at me @PapaJojoRadio or call in at +1.423.697.4406.

UPDATE: Fin. Something came up. I left early.

The 6 O’Clock Hour

  • R.E.M. – Begin The Begin
  • They Might Be Giants – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
  • David Byrne – Like Humans Do
  • Guadalcanal Diary – Pray For Rain
  • St. Vincent – Digital Witness
  • Wolf Parade – You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son
  • The Clash – Rock the Casbah
  • Alvvays – Belinda Says (Live on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon)
  • The Raconteurs – Steady As She Goes
  • The Black Keys – Baby I’m Coming Home
  • Uncle Tupelo – Fifteen Keys
  • Decemberists – Down By The River
  • Nirvana – Lake of Fire
  • John Prine – Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore
  • The Beths – Expert In A Dying Field
  • Dropkick Murphys (w/ Nikki Lane) – Never Git Drunk No More
  • Seth Avett – Good Morning Coffee

The 7 O’Clock Hour

  • Warren Zevon – Desperadoes Under The Eaves
  • Sole Inspiration – Life
  • The Heavy – Hurricane Coming
  • King Tuff – Rock River
  • Half Alive – Did I Make You Up?
  • Hermanos Gutierez – Tres Hermanos (Live on NPR Tiny Desk)
  • John Lee Hooker – Boogie Chillen
  • H.C. McEntire – New View
  • boygenius – $20
  • Head and the Heart – Every Shade of Blue
  • boygenius – Emily I’m Sorry
  • Brandi Carlile – The Mother
  • boygenius – True Blue
  • Pink Floyd – San Tropez
  • Reverend Organdrum – Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

The 8 O’Clock Hour

  • Hindu Radio Gods – Raspberry Beret (Prince cover)
  • David Bowie – Starman
  • Beabadoobee – The Perfect Pair