24-Oct-2023 Content of Interest

I’m playing around with a link posting and such with emacs, org, elfeed, elfeed-curate, and org2blog. The posts will get some categorization. I’m working on some editing and formatting. But for now, please enjoy.

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The key points are:

  • Be asynchronous first
  • Write things down
  • Make work visible and overcommunicate
  • Prefer GitHub tools and workflows
  • Embrace collaboration
  • Foster a culture that values documentation maintenance
  • Communicate openly, honestly, and authentically
  • Remember practicality beats purity

Three things that stand out to me:

1 Writing things down, being visible, overcommunicating, being asynchronous are expensive. Getting up on a whiteboard, scribbling in realtime, is fast and cheap. However, you will end up doing that 100 times. If you take the time to “write things down” you avoid the repetition. 2 If you need proof that engineering is a team activity and not a lone coder with a hoody in a dark room, here it is. Nothing of substance gets built by a single person. 3 Remember that you are communicating with people who have different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to you. You need to write and structure your thinking in a way that will work across all of those people.