If a software firm sells 4 months before anyone notices, does it make a sound?

Just before I read about the news of Evernote laying off its entire staff I printed and saved a receipt in DevonThink. That I cannot think of the last article I read or person who referenced Evernote (EN) is indicative of the state of that … service? Software? And it changed hands in February yet there was no mention of it in my tech heavy feeds until July.

I was a devoté of EN back in the day. It seemed magical in its ability to save things for later in an on-line world. There were apps for OS X and Windows and other platforms (via API) and a recipe app, an app to log your meals, and Skitch for capturing drawings.

The story was compelling. And it was ahead of its time. Sadly, mismanagement and security issues and EN being sold (& resold & resold) and focus shifts doomed the product.

R.I.P. Evernote, I guess?